Last month we opened negotiations with Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest by telling leadership our personal stories about why we decided to unionize and agreed to bargaining dates for the months ahead.

In our second session on January 18, management began creating delays for our bargaining team by canceling our previously agreed to negotiating session on February 7, but this did not stop us from making historic progress at the bargaining table.

“It’s incredibly disappointing that the agency has already decided to drag out the bargaining process by canceling our next meeting. The longer this process takes, the more burn out our already exhausted employees face. Although I am disappointed, I’m not discouraged, because I know my colleagues are worth the fight and deserve a workplace that they’re proud to return to.”
— Celia Gomez, MA III, First Avenue Specialty Services

Our member-led bargaining team submitted a comprehensive package of workplace protections to establish our rights at PPPSW for years to come that will secure our rights in writing and serve as a foundation for more difficult talks over safe staffing and fair pay that are to come. 

  • Article 1 – Recognition
  • Article 2 – Union Security
  • Article 3 – Inclusion and Non-Discrimination
  • Article 5 – Union Rights, Representatives and Stewards
  • Article 6 – Probation
  • Article 7 – Temporary Employees
  • Article 8 – Seniority
  • Article 19 – Discipline and discharge
  • Article 20 – Personnel Records
  • Article 21 – Separability
  • Article 24 – No Strikes/ No Lockouts
  • Article 26 – Grievance and Arbitration 

Now that we have our union, we are ready to make real progress on our priorities, but it remains to be seen if management is prepared to bargain in good faith to improve conditions for our patients and coworkers. Our next bargaining session will take place on February 21.

I came into bargaining today feeling prepared to begin the important process of improving working conditions for myself and coworkers, and therefore the quality of care for our patients.  I was extremely disappointed to hear that management chose to cancel the next session, as we know how important it is to move towards an agreement as expeditiously as possible.  
— Nzinga Bourne, CM RN

Tentative Bargaining Calendar:

    • February 21
    • March 13
    • March 27

Interested in getting more involved, want to join a union workgroup, or offer feedback for our bargaining team? Email us at [email protected]