Mayors Ed Lee, Libby Schaaf Join SEIU-UHW in Celebrating Minimum Wage Increase

Mayors Ed Lee, Libby Schaaf Join SEIU-UHW in Celebrating Minimum Wage Increase

[April 4, 2016] LOS ANGELES – San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf joined healthcare workers in celebrating California’s $15 minimum wage increase being signed into law today by Gov. Jerry Brown. The mayors served as campaign co-chairs of an initiative to raise the state’s minimum wage that qualified last month for the fall ballot and was essential to driving Brown and legislative leaders to an agreement on the minimum wage increase.

“This law shows how California is leading the country in improving the lives of all workers and building on the success of cities like San Francisco and Oakland that have raised their minimum wage and continue to have thriving local economies,” said Lee. “I commend the dedication of healthcare workers across California who collected hundreds of thousands of voter signatures to get this measure on the ballot and inspire the Governor and legislators to act so quickly.”

“I am thrilled that less than a year and a half after Oakland residents voted to raise the city’s minimum wage the movement has caught fire and spread statewide to the point we’re at today,” said Schaaf. “I’ve seen in Oakland how a higher minimum wage has brought hope and opportunity to our workforce and greater equity to our city, I know it will do the same for millions of California workers and our great state.”

The SEIU-UHW board will meet in early May to decide the future of the ballot initiative. Proponents can withdraw the measure prior to June 30.

More than 90 percent of workers affected by the minimum wage law increase are adults, 20 years old or older, and half are over 30. More than 30 percent have children.