6 Principles for a Safe, Fair Rollout of COVID-19 Vaccines

6 Principles for a Safe, Fair Rollout of COVID-19 Vaccines


  1. Prioritize access for healthcare workers. Healthcare workers should have priority access to the vaccine, followed by other essential workers.
  2. No cost. COVID-19 vaccines should be free to all who receive them.
  3. Equal access. Access to the vaccine should be equal for all healthcare workers, with no distinctions based on job title.
  4. Maintain safety standards. There should be no roll-back of PPE standards, COVID leave, workers compensation protections, and other safety standards as a result of the vaccine being made available.
  5. Protect vulnerable communities. After essential workers, priority access to the vaccine should be given to vulnerable communities including institutionalized settings, communities of color, and multi-generational households.
  6. Open communication. The state and healthcare employers should share information with workers and worker organizations at all times during the roll out of vaccinations.

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