Dialysis Workers Can:

  • Talk about forming a union while at work, just as you would other topics such as vacations, your children, or favorite movies
  • Read or distribute materials about forming a union during breaks, meal periods, and before and after work in non-work areas (e.g., break room, cafeteria)
  • Attend meetings about the union
  • Sign and/or ask co-workers to sign union cards or petitions during breaks, meal periods, and before and after work. Cards or petitions can be signed anywhere except areas where patients receive treatment (un-less the facility has a preexisting rule that prohibits any solicitation in work areas)
  • Talk with each other and the public about staffing, pay, benefits, and other conditions at your work place

Management Cannot:

  • Prohibit workers from talking about the union if you are allowed to talk about other topics
  • Ask you whether you support forming a union
  • Engage in surveillance of union supporters or activities
  • Harass or intimidate workers for supporting a union
  • Ask workers to remove union items such as buttons and pens (unless there is a preexisting rule that prohibits items in patient care areas that is enforced against all types of items);
  • Prohibit workers from sharing information about staffing, pay, benefits, and other conditions at your work place
  • Implement new restrictions designed to interfere with forming a union, such as preventing workers from returning to their workplace on their day off.

Our Weingarten Rights:
If you are called into an interview with management that you think could lead to discipline, there are Weingarten rules that give you the right to ask for union representation. Here are the rules and a statement you can use:

“I request to have a union representative present on my behalf during the meeting because I believe it may lead to disciplinary action being taken against me.”

  • RULE 1: You must make a clear request for union representation before or during the interview. You cannot be punished for making this request.
  • RULE 2: After you make the request the employer must choose from among three options:
    • Grant the request and delay questioning until a union representative arrives and has a chance to consult privately with you.
    • Deny the request and end the interview immediately.
    • Give you a chance of having the interview without representation or ending the interview.
  • RULE 3: If the employer denies the request for union representation and continues to ask questions, the employer commits an unfair labor practice.