Shaping the Future of Healthcare

The opportunity to train the next generation of caregivers with Futuro Health

Shaping the Future of Healthcare

The opportunity to train the next generation of caregivers with Futuro Health

Think about your family, friends and neighbors. Who do you know who has:

  • Values that would be a good fit for healthcare?
  • “People” skills to talk to patients and work on a team?
  • Time to pursue the credentials needed for a healthcare job?

As SEIU-UHW members, we can help them become the next generation of caregivers.

UHW Members Bargained for the Best Opportunities
UHW members fought hard to grow our Education Fund to $28 million annually, and now 16,000 members a year realize their potential through the Ed Fund’s comprehensive career services. Graduates who placed into higher level roles with Ed Fund support saw an average hourly wage increase of 36%. Members who use the Ed Fund have lower turnover and higher mobility in their current roles.

At Kaiser, our bargaining power also eliminated the 2-year experience barrier, and now thousands of Kaiser members are eligible for jobs they never had access to before.

Members have more career opportunities than ever. But to grow our power, we need to dramatically grow our membership.

Building Our Power by Solving the Healthcare Worker Shortage
By 2024, California will need 500,000 new allied healthcare workers like us. Today, many of those jobs go to lower-paid, non-union workers with minimal training – lowering standards for all of us. UHW members are making sure that future healthcare workers are highly skilled, ready to excel at work, and placed in good, middle class, SEIU-UHW jobs – growing our union and our power.

Our Path to Power: Futuro Health
SEIU-UHW members fought for and won $130 million from Kaiser Permanente so that UHW members can refer our friends and family to apply for high-quality online Futuro Health job training programs. Successful graduates will have a chance to be placed in good healthcare jobs and become SEIU-UHW union members. Through Futuro Health, we will recruit, train, and place 10,000 new healthcare workers a year over the next four years.

Our Job: Scout, Recruit, and Coach the Best Students
SEIU-UHW members have a critical role to play in scouting and recruiting high-quality, committed students, and coaching them to succeed. As healthcare workers, we know who will excel in jobs like ours and what it takes to succeed. Refer your friends and family to Futuro Health today. Interested in paying it forward to help the next generation of caregivers? Let us know!

Aspiring Medical Assistants Can Get Started in April, May and August
Futuro Health is growing the largest network of credentialed allied healthcare workers – especially for jobs in greatest demand like Medical Assistant (MA) with more than 11,000 vacancies a year in California.

But many people who would benefit from the MA program don’t qualify to apply. That’s why Futuro Health is starting with courses to get people ready for the MA program and offering the MA program later this year.

  • Medical Assistant Program (Classes Start Late August): MAs are critical to the overall patient experience. They perform clinical and administrative duties like answering telephones, scheduling appointments, filling out and updating medical records, preparing patients for examination, measuring vital signs and assisting the doctor during appointments.

    For many, the MA program is achievable, requires fewer externship hours than other programs and provides skills required for other allied health jobs like licensed vocational nurse. MAs who aren’t sure where they are headed in healthcare will get to see many other healthcare jobs in action. The program is 11+ months. Course requirements.

  • Jump Start Courses for the Medical Assistant Program (Classes Start May 1): Knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology is a prerequisite for the Medical Assistant program and many other career paths. Medical Terminology course is 3-8 weeks. Anatomy and Physiology is 8-10 weeks. Course requirements.
  • English for Allied Health Careers for the Medical Assistant Program (Classes Start April 13): To help aspiring caregivers with “advanced beginner” to “low intermediate” English fluency get ready to apply for the Jump Start, Medical Assistant and other training programs, Futuro Health is offering English for Allied Health Careers: Spanish to English Learning. The course will take 3-6 months to complete. Course requirements.

We’re just getting started. If you know someone who wants to start a career in healthcare, send them to Futuro Health today! And if you want to be help scout, recruit and train the next generation of caregivers, sign up on our info list below!

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