“Management continues to spread misinformation and try to divide us. Today they learned that when they talk about our union, they are talking about ALL of us frontline healthcare workers across Sharp. We are united for better staffing, better pay, and a better life—and we won’t be divided. ” Joni Vargas, Phlebotomy Technician

We’re now more than 3,000 strong at Sharp HospiceCare, Grossmont Hospital and Chula Vista Medical Center, and we’re only getting stronger. 

Now that management knows our strength is building, their only hope is to try and divide us. 

Instead of facing us all together today, and bargain in good faith on our ONE contract, management left early. 

They can run but they can’t deny the truth: We are ONE SHARP, and we have the power to make real change when we stand united as one union.

Across Sharp, we’re united to fix the staffing and care crisis with:

  • Life changing pay increases that recognize our seniority 
  • Fully paid family healthcare benefits 
  • Significantly improved retirement security

Bargaining Dates:

  • May 29

Questions? Reach out to a bargaining team member or union representative.