An Open Letter to Our Co-Workers at Sharp Metropolitan Campus

We are your co-workers across Sharp Metropolitan Campus — and like you, we know that major changes are needed at our hospitals.

Our workloads are increasing, staffing levels are too low, our pay is far below what other healthcare workers in this region earn and has not kept up with inflation, and we face disrespect on the job. We’re forced to take on more work in more dangerous conditions with fewer staff. Many of us are experiencing physical fatigue and mental burnout, yet Sharp management refuses to address this crisis.

We cannot wait to confront these problems. We must vote to join SEIU–United Healthcare Workers West right away. SEIU-UHW is one of the largest unions of healthcare workers in the country with over 100,000 members who have a track record of winning higher wages, increased staffing, and a strong voice on the job.

Sharp management has launched a massive anti-union effort throughout this region. Over 2,700 of our co-workers at Sharp Grossmont Hospital, Sharp HospiceCare, and Sharp Chula Vista have already voted to join SEIU-UHW. Yet Sharp executives continue to do everything in their power to delay contract bargaining and stifle the will of our Sharp colleagues. SEIU-UHW members at Sharp recently filed charges against management for their illegal actions, including retaliation against workers who advocate for better working conditions and failure to engage in good faith bargaining.

Management is getting increasingly desperate in their efforts to stop us from unionizing. They know that as more of us go union across Sharp, we’ll have more power to win a strong contract. We must vote to join SEIU-UHW now across Sharp Metropolitan Campus so we can unite as ONE SHARP and maximize our power in contract negotiations.

As members of the SEIU-UHW Organizing Committee, we’ve talked to many of you about making improvements at Sharp Metropolitan Campus. Here are some of the things you’ve said we need:

  • Raises and wages more in line with the industry standard in this region
  • Increased staffing levels so we can provide first-rate patient care and avoid burnout
  • A stronger voice so we have a real say in our workplaces
  • Fairness and respect from management

Joining together in SEIU-UHW is our best opportunity to fight for and win on these priorities and more. So on June 3rd, we filed for an election with the National Labor Relations Board to make our union official and start achieving these goals. We look forward to getting our election date very soon.

Let’s win a better future together here at Sharp Metropolitan Campus. Let’s unite in SEIU-UHW!

In Unity,

Your Co-workers on the SEIU-UHW Organizing Committee at Sharp Metropolitan Campus