We continue to make progress in bargaining after our statewide strikes and the unprecedented media coverage that followed. At our last session, Satellite began to acknowledge important rights that will protect our job security, but most importantly, we began bargaining over staffing. Here are some of the new guidelines we have proposed:

  • Adequate staffing to provide time for patient care, completion of administrative duties, and time to take necessary breaks 
  • Shifts to begin 90 minutes before the first scheduled patient with at least one hour of transition time between patients
  • Avoid scheduling simultaneous put-ons and take-offs
  • Safe work environment to raise concerns without retaliation or intimidation

Management has heard us, but we must keep growing to build our power with important bargaining sessions over staffing and pay coming up soon. We’ve come so far, but keep fighting to win the contract we deserve with industry leading wages, improved benefits and safe staffing.

“Satellite and US Renal’s management team wouldn’t even come into the room, but that doesn’t matter because they will have to follow our agreement once it’s in place,” said Dennis Torres, Advanced CCHT at Satellite Vallejo. “We have proven that when we organize our clinics and take action together, they have to listen to us. That’s why our insurance rates aren’t increasing next year, and that’s exactly why we have to keep fighting to win what we deserve.”

Contact a union representative at 323.215.5281‬ and find out how you can help us grow.