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The SEIU-UHW Union Difference


  • All workers at St. Joe’s united together gives us the power to win
  • The only union at Dignity with fully employer-paid healthcare
  • Won 18% in raises with a four year contract
  • Fights for better staffing at hospitals


  • RNs on their own — fewer workers, less power to win.
  • NNU gave up fully paid family healthcare for nurses in California and now pay as high as $200/month
  • Only 13.5% in raises in California; in Tucson they only got 2% in raises
  • Doesn’t support better staffing for service & tech workers — RNs end up doing support staff work

No Union

  • No worker power; management can do what they want.
  • Forced to pay more for healthcare if that’s what management wants
  • Raises depend on what management wants to give you
  • No relief from understaffing and long hours

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We’re Voting YES for SEIU-UHW

“When I started my career I worked as a Patient Care Tech, and I struggled so hard to get by. Now that I am an RN, I appreciate the PCTs I work with so much. They are my lifeline.
That’s why I want to unite in a union alongside our service, maintenance, and technical co-workers. We couldn’t do this work without each other — changes in my job affect them and vice versa — so we should be on the same page as far as unions go.”
— Mindy Henry, RN, Medical ICU, St. Joe’s

“Taking on a billion-dollar employer like CommonSpirit to change things for all workers is going to take unity and commitment from all of us, which is why we chose to unite in SEIU-UHW.”
— Russel Hyde, Anesthesia Tech, St. Joe’s

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