Here’s what you need to know about the retention bonuses that California’s Community Clinics workers have won.

Community clinic workers are stronger together. By uniting and using our political power to bring lawmakers’ attention to the struggles we face, we were able to secure an historic $70 million investment in clinic workers to be used for all community clinic workers to receive $1,000 retention bonuses. Now Governor Newsom has signed it into law!

Retention bonuses are an important first step in making sure that our community clinics have the necessary resources to invest in workers and patient care. We are the backbone of our community clinics, and by uniting together with other SEIU locals, we have the power and the voice to advocate for ourselves, our families, and our patients. When we fight, we win!

In order to qualify, an individual:

  • Must be employed by a qualified clinic as of the date of record, December 28, 2022
  • May not be a manager or supervisor; and
  • Must continue to be employed by the qualified clinic through the date the qualified clinic distributes the retention payments to their employees.

Registration and Application Process for Qualified Clinics

  1. November 15, 2022 – December 20, 2022: Qualified Clinics registration process
    Qualified clinics are required to register with DHCS to participate in the CWSRP Program by December 20, 2022. Once registered, qualified clinics will be approved to apply for retention payments on behalf of their eligible employees.
  2. December 29, 2022 – January 27, 2023: Qualified Clinics application process
    All registered qualified clinics will receive a link to the application for submitting employee information, which are due by January 27, 2023. DHCS encourages early submissions so all applications can be validated prior to the final due date.
  3. Early 2023: Payments sent to Qualified Clinics
    DHCS anticipates issuing payments to qualified clinics in early 2023. Clinics receiving funding must issue payments to qualified employees within 60 days of receipt of funds. Payments may arrive as early as March, though it could be as late as May or June. This delay is due to the state extending the deadline for employers, to help make sure as many healthcare workers as possible will receive their bonus.

Learn more about what is in the bill by exploring the frequently asked questions (FAQ) below.

Retention Bonus FAQ

All community clinic workers, or employees of a Federally Qualified Health Center, rural health centers, FQHC look-a-likes, Indian health centers and intermittent health centers, in California who are not in management or in supervisory positions will receive the retention bonus.

Each eligible community clinic worker will receive $1,000.

No, both full-time and part-time eligible employees.

Employers have to submit their eligible employee’s names to the state, which will then process the amounts and provide payments to employers to distribute to eligible workers. This may take up several months, depending on when your employer submits eligible names, when the state processes payments to clinics, and when your employer distributes them. Payments are tentatively expected in the spring of 2023.