Better Care for Silicon Valley Clinic Patients

Better Care for Silicon Valley Clinic Patients

By uniting with healthcare workers at El Camino Hospital we get support, we get unity, we get camaraderie, and we get strength. We have the right to be included in the El Camino contract. 

Rena Schwartzberg, Patient Care Representative 

Threatening job security can take a toll on caregivers in a way that is harmful for patient careIn a big victory for caregivers and patients, the California Employment Relations Board issued a complaint supporting our claim that workers at Silicon Valley Medical Development clinics and El Camino Hospital share the same employer. We want the opportunity to join other healthcare workers at El Camino Hospital who have strong protections for patients and caregivers, and allow us to focus on our most important roledelivering quality patient care to our communities. 

Are you a Silicon Valley Medical Clinic or at El Camino Hospital caregiver or patient and want to get  involved? We want to hear from you!

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