COVID-19 Daily Update: April 13, 2020

COVID-19 Daily Update: April 13, 2020

LA TIMES: SEIU-UHW Members Speak Out

This LA Times article captures our fellow SEIU-UHW members’ outrage at being treated like second-class citizens on the job during this pandemic.

Our surge checklist could be the difference between staying healthy and getting infected — let’s use it across our facilities to protect ourselves and our patients.



We need to know that our children are secure when we go to work every day to lead our state’s COVID-19 fight. We’ve been advocating for childcare resources across the state — and now we’re starting to see the results of our work.

Childcare in Los Angeles

Childcare has been in especially short supply in Los Angeles, even as the pandemic has spread quickly throughout the region. We’ve been working closely with Mayor Eric Garcetti — and the mayor gave us props at his Friday news conference when rolling out the L.A. Emergency Child Care Connection. This program provides resources for healthcare workers at two crucial L.A. hospitals — Dignity California and Dignity Northridge — including:

  • A $100 stipend per shift to help qualifying hospital employees pay for the type of child care that works best for them, including with a trusted relative or neighbor.
  • Free referrals to licensed providers in the community.
  • Free care for children between the ages of 6 and 14 at city recreation centers located near the two hospitals. Each site is open 7 days a week from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., offers programming and meals, and adheres to public health guidelines.

Members at Dignity California and Dignity Northridge who wish to participate in the L.A. Emergency Child Care Connection should inquire with your hospital’s Human Resources Department.

Members at Dignity California Hospital Medical Center: Click here to learn more.

Members at Dignity Northridge Hospital Medical Center: Click here to learn more.


Statewide Childcare Resources

We’re partnering with Carina Care to connect members to qualified, licensed childcare providers within an hour’s drive. Click here to get started. 

And check out our list of childcare resources across the state.


Childcare for Kaiser Members

Kaiser employees who work 32 hours a week or more in a KP facility are eligible for a $300 per week grant to pay for childcare for children 14 or younger and disabled dependent children. Employees who work between 20 and 32 hours, including per-diems, are eligible for a minimum of $210 a week. Learn more here.


HOUSING ALERT: Temporary Lodging for Healthcare Workers

We’re working closely with the governor and our employers to secure temporary lodging for healthcare workers during this crisis.

Housing for Caregivers

SEIU-UHW member leaders made clear to Governor Newsom that we need temporary housing to protect our families. He heard us and took action by rolling out a program that provides hotel rooms for healthcare workers who have been exposed to or tested positive for COVID-19. These rooms are close to our facilities and allow us to avoid spreading the virus to our loved ones and our communities when we leave our shifts.

Click here to learn more and begin the application process.


Housing for Kaiser Members

We negotiated with Kaiser Permanente and won temporary hotel accommodations for eligible Kaiser employees who are working long shifts or who have been exposed to or tested positive for COVID-19. Learn more here.

We’re currently negotiating with other employers statewide to secure temporary housing for more SEIU-UHW members so keep checking back here for updates.



If your hours have been cut during this pandemic, you may be eligible for state unemployment insurance benefits.



Meals for Caregivers: Our union has formed a fundraising partnership with relief organizations so SEIU-UHW members in need can get $100 gift certificates for home-delivered family meals during this crisis. So far we’ve raised $21,000 toward our goal of $125,000. Share this GoFundMe page with your friends and family and urge them to donate a meal to make life a little easier for SEIU-UHW members and our families.


PPE: If you have extra masks, gloves, face shields, or other PPE, please donate them to help address shortages. Click here to do so — and be sure to share that page with anyone who has available PPE.