We’re putting staffing and patients first at HCA hospitals

We’re putting staffing and patients first at HCA hospitals

“As a clinical lab scientist, understaffing is one of the biggest issues I see on the job. When phlebotomists are juggling patient samples, phone calls, and deliveries it can be a lot. If they are overwhelmed, sometimes we don’t get samples in time and it delays our ability to run tests and go back to the patients with important information. I want to see staffing taken seriously by management, so they know they come first to all of us.” 

Evelyn Torres, Clinical Lab Scientist 

The nearly 3,000 caregivers at five Healthcare for America (HCA) hospitals in Northern and Southern California are fighting to retain strong healthcare workers by making better staffing a top priority, by protecting educational opportunities so caregivers can keep learning and growing to ensure better patient care, and ensuring good pay and  benefits to keep our experienced caregivers. We are striving to create an environment where staffing is consistent across departments and patient care is the top priority for management–just like it already is for us as caregivers.  

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