98% Vote Yes for ULP Strike

98% Vote Yes for ULP Strike

This can’t go on.

We’ve watched as co-worker after co-worker has left Kaiser for better paying, less stressful jobs. This has been devastating for our working conditions and for our patients – they wait endlessly to see us, and we are too rushed, stressed out, and exhausted to give them the care they deserve.

Kaiser’s solution? To bargain in bad faith and to continue to commit unfair labor practices, while at the same time raising rates on patients, proposing cuts to our PSP, and eliminating protections against subcontracting.

We keep telling Kaiser’s millionaire execs that something has to change. But they’re not listening. To deal with the staffing crisis, Kaiser must bargain in good faith and stop committing unfair labor practices.

So we have made our voices heard. 98% of us voted to authorize a strike once our contract expires on September 30. Unless Kaiser stops its unfair labor practices, we don’t have a choice.

Our next and last scheduled bargaining session with Kaiser is September 21 and 22. We will be providing updates from that session including, potentially, the dates of our unfair labor practice strike.