Real Stories of Medi-Cal: Anita and Amanda

Real Stories of Medi-Cal: Anita and Amanda

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) isn’t the kind of disease you can afford to leave untreated – but Anita Rivera of Kerman can’t get regular care for her daughter Amanda’s MS just because she’s covered by Medi-Cal.

Amanda’s MS can make her arms and legs painful and weak, and it’s important for her to have regular care from a neurologist, especially when her condition worsens. But every time her mother Anita calls for an appointment, the clinic tells her they can’t accept new Medi-Cal patients for six months.

That forces Anita to take Amanda to the emergency room for care, and Amanda still doesn’t get the regular neurology checkups she needs to manage her condition.

Low Medi-Cal reimbursement rates reduce the number of specialists who can afford to accept new Medi-Cal patients, leaving people like Amanda out in the cold. And relying on the ER for regular care isn’t just more expensive – it’s less effective and can lead to worse health outcomes.


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