SEIU-UHW Executive Board Resolution on the Conflict in Gaza and Israel

SEIU-UHW Executive Board Resolution on the Conflict in Gaza and Israel

Executive Board Resolution on Gaza

Resolution 39-23

Whereas, healthcare workers have expressed anguish over, first, the horrific attack on civilians and seizing of hostages in Israel on October 7 and then, the relentless bombing and blockade of the civilian population in Gaza.

Whereas, healthcare workers are especially pained by the devastation of the healthcare system in Gaza. According to the United Nations, there have been at least 364 attacks on healthcare services in Gaza between October 7 and December 7, affecting over 50 health facilities and 190 ambulances, resulting in 553 deaths and 729 injuries. The majority of hospitals are now inoperable. The independent non-profit organization Doctors Without Borders says that 286 healthcare workers have been killed in Gaza. There are acute shortages of medicine, supplies, and fuel to power incubators, ventilators, and dialysis machines. Infectious disease threatens to overwhelm the population.

Whereas, the Executive Board of SEIU-UHW believes that healthcare workers must have the ability to care for patients in safety and with proper staffing and resources everywhere in the world.

Whereas, Doctors Without Borders has been sending medical personnel and supplies to hospitals under siege in Gaza to provide desperately needed healthcare under the most dangerous of conditions.

Whereas, the nations of the world are overwhelmingly united in calling for an end to the bloodshed in this war that has caused the displacement of a significant majority of the Palestinian population in Gaza and deaths of tens of thousands of people.

Therefore, the SEIU-UHW Executive Board calls on our elected leaders to support the United Nations Resolution, unfortunately vetoed by the United States, that calls for:

  1.  An immediate humanitarian ceasefire;
  2.  All parties to comply with their obligations under international law, including international humanitarian law, notably with regard to the protection of civilians;
  3.  The immediate and unconditional release of all hostages, as well as ensuring humanitarian access.

Furthermore, to support the efforts of healthcare workers in Gaza, SEIU-UHW will contribute $50,000 to support the work of Doctors Without Borders.