On December 16, SEIU-UHW members are taking support actions in various northern California facilities to publicly raise awareness of the importance of the Local 39 Operating Engineers to the care team and quality patient care. 

Here’s how you can show union solidarity to the operating engineers

If you’re going in person to support the engineers – post on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok:

Tag us

Use these hashtags

    • #BeKP 
    • #FrontlineWorker
    • #WeAreKaiserWorkers

Remember to make it public!

  • On Twitter, make sure you don’t see a 🔒icon next to your name. If you do, you’ll need to update your privacy settings. 
    • From the Apps home screen, click your profile photo icon on the top left.
    • Choose Settings and privacy.
    • Select Privacy and safety.
    • Click Audience and tagging
    • Toggle Protect your Tweets ⬅️ to the left. 
    • Re-enter your password to confirm changes. And you’re set to tweet publicly.
  • On FB, a 🌎 symbol indicates your post is public.
    • To edit your post privacy, select the dropdown box underneath your name. 
    • Select 🌎 Public
    • Choose Done.
  • On the IG App, click your photo avatar on the bottom left to get to your profile. 
    • Click the ≡ icon on the top right. Select Settings.
    • Choose Privacy.
    • Toggle Private Account ⬅️ to the left.
  • On the Tik Tok App, tap Profile on the bottom right. 
    • Tap the  ≡ icon on the top right. 
    • Go to Privacy. 
    • Toggle Private account to off. 

Supporting the engineers from afar? Go to SEIU-UHW’s social media accounts – comment, like, retweet/reshare our posts!

Don’t have a social media account? Create one now! The engineers need your support.