Ok!  You have a video recorded and you’re feeling pretty good about it.  Or maybe you’re unsure and need some help figuring it out. Don’t worry – this checklist is here to help.


  • The audio is clear
  • You can see that you’re a healthcare worker (scrubs are visible, work station, etc.)
  • You looked into the camera
  • You said your name, hospital, city, and job
  • You stated the type of personal protective equipment you need
  • You told a story about why it matters to you, your loved ones, and patients
  • You feel like you did your best
  • The video is less than 60 seconds long


  • You recorded the video from work
  • You had an example of the personal protective equipment available
  • You kept the camera slightly above eye level (like a “selfie”)
  • You had great lighting (bright inside, shaded outside)
  • You showed powerful emotion and avoided cursing
  • The person you shared the story with while practicing got emotional
  • The video is 30 seconds long

How To Use This Checklist

When you watch your video after recording it, use the checklist to figure out if you captured what we need.

The Essentials are what we need for the story to be published.  Style Points indicate whether a story is more likely to be effective in communicating the message of why healthcare workers need PPE.  It’s definitely possible for a story to be really good even if it doesn’t have all of the Style Points.

  • If you checked every box on the checklist, send the video to your rep/organizer for review.
  • If you missed a box, is it Essential or Style Points?  If it’s essential, record it again.  If it’s a style thing, do you like the video without it?  If so, send it in.
  •  If you missed a bunch of boxes, you should probably record it again.
  • If the audio isn’t clear, you should definitely record it again.

Remember – this is about you sharing a story about how this crisis is impacting your hospital.  It doesn’t need to be perfect.  It’s ok to need to record it a few times until it seems right to you.  Send more than one version if you’re not sure.  If it looks real, sounds real, and feels real, then it’s probably exactly what we need to get the message across.