We won across-the-board raises of 3% per year in our new contract, and the first of these raises is on the way. Look for this pay increase in your Nov. 22 paycheck for Southern CA and Nov. 29 for Northern CA — retroactive to the first full pay period in October.


In early October we ratified the strongest contract in the healthcare industry — and in late October we grew even more powerful by adding 113 SEIU-UHW members to our ranks. Kaiser Utilization Analysts in Southern CA became the latest workers to win better jobs and better lives by joining us. Congratulations to our new UHW brothers and sisters!


Under our new contract, experience requirements are WAIVED for those of us seeking promotions to new positions at Kaiser. Check the job postings in your area to find out the qualifications needed. Need help getting the necessary education? Learn more at www.seiu-uhweduc.org


In our new contract we won a $130 million investment by Kaiser in our Healthcare Academy to educate and train tomorrow’s caregivers — including our own friends and family. How can this change a family’s life? Just ask Sonia Ramirez:

“After working for Yolo County for years, I went back to school for my Medical Assistant (MA) certificate. Today, I am happy to be an MA at Kaiser South Sacramento — but I still owe $20,000 in student debt. This doesn’t have to be the case for you or your family.

Today, as a proud member of SEIU-UHW, I am referring my 23-year-old cousin Ceci (pictured here) to the Medical Assistant Opportunity.  If she gets in, Ceci will go through a high-quality, online, student-centered Medical Assistant program for just a few hundred dollars, not $20,000.  Although there is no guarantee of a job when she graduates, SEIU-UHW will work with her for as long as it takes to find placement in a well-paid, benefited union job.

This could be an amazing opportunity for your own family members who are just starting out or loved ones who are trying to make a career change like I did.”

Only SEIU-UHW members in good standing can refer applicants to the Healthcare Academy.

Click here to learn more about how your loved ones can receive a first-rate education and training in the healthcare field — without going into debt!

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Be sure to use your personal email address (not work email) on all forms — employers sometimes block SEIU-UHW emails and we don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity!