Press Releases

Press Releases

Jun 02, 2021

Healthcare Workers to Unveil Monument at State Capitol Honoring Fallen Caregivers

May 26, 2021

Healthcare Workers Lead Car Caravans, Rally in Support of “Hero’s Pay” for Frontline Caregivers

May 18, 2021

Oakland Healthcare Workers to Protest Kaiser Permanente Over Plan to Eliminate Hundreds of Jobs During Pandemic

May 13, 2021

Healthcare Workers to Protest Racial Bias and Discrimination, Call for Greater Protections for Patients at John Muir Behavioral Health Center

May 12, 2021

Healthcare Workers Demand Safety for Security Officers at Dignity Health, File OSHA Complaint Citing Dangerous Working Conditions

May 03, 2021

After Posting $6.4 Billion Net Income During the Pandemic, Kaiser Permanente to Lay Off 200 California Healthcare Workers

Apr 09, 2021

Healthcare Workers Call On California Voters to Support Gov. Newsom and Get Ready to Vote No on the Republican Recall Effort

Mar 17, 2021

Healthcare Workers & Asm. Wicks Announce Bill to Address Racial Healthcare Disparities

Mar 16, 2021

Health Care Workers to Protest at 29 Kaiser Permanente Facilities Statewide, Demanding Recognition and Additional Support During Pandemic

Mar 10, 2021

Health Care Workers, Lawmakers Announce Legislation to Require Bonuses to Recognize and Retain Caregivers on the Frontlines of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Mar 03, 2021

Kaiser Healthcare Workers Outraged as Healthcare Giant Slashes Performance Sharing Bonuses Despite Posting $6.4 Billion in Profits during the Pandemic

Mar 01, 2021

300 Healthcare Workers in Victorville Join SEIU-UHW to Improve COVID-19 Safety, Patient Care, Jobs