AFRAM Caucus Subcommittees



The Ways and Means Committee shall consider ideas and methods of raising money for the UHW AFRAM Caucus. The committee shall consider methods and resources of financing proposals that will bring money into the Caucus. The committee will maintain contact with the Caucus Fundraising Committee and the Caucus Treasurer.


The Caucus Fundraising Activities Committee shall plan, coordinate, and make all necessary arrangements and contacts for fundraising activities for the UHW AFRAM Caucus. The committee shall determine and create those activities for fundraising that are in line with the purpose statement of the UHW AFRAM Caucus. The committee shall be in close communications with the caucus Ways and Means Committee.


The Political and Organizing  Committee shall develop ways and strategies for organizing the AFRAM Caucus membership. The committee shall develop and promote ideas and methods to move the African American Caucus membership toward more effective political action at the local, state, or national level. The action shall be aimed at elected officials, thus furthering the goals stated in the UHW AFRAM Caucus mission statement.


The Communications/Community Relations Committee shall serve as an outreach arm for the AFRAM Caucus to the African American communities. The committee shall plan and coordinate activities that will provide education and positive assistance to African American communities and bring those communities to fuller understanding of the role of the AFRAM Caucus and it’s membership in organized labor. The Committee shall be responsible for publishing newsletters, flyers, leaflets, or other instruments of communication to the AFRAM Caucus and community. The committee shall work closely with the other UHW AFRAM Caucus committees.


The Caucus Programming Committee shall plan caucus activities throughout the year that are in line with the purpose statement of the UHW AFRAM Caucus. Some activities include MLK Celebrations, Black History Month, Juneteenth, Labor Day Events, Kwanzaa Celebrations, Executive Board and Leadership Assembly Programming, Virtual Movie screenings, etc.


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