COVID-19 Update: May 13, 2020

COVID-19 Update: May 13, 2020

NOW READY: Your Personalized SEIU-UHW Member Portal

We’ve launched the MyUHW Community Portal, which gives us unprecedented access to union and job resources personalized for each one of us. This new tool lets us explore the wages and benefits in our union contract, connect with our union leaders, tap into resources and benefits reserved exclusively for SEIU-UHW members, and lots more.

To access your personalized MyUHW Community Portal, just click here then click “Register.”

PROTEST ALERT: Mental Health Professionals Demand Safety NOW

We are your SEIU-UHW brothers and sisters at Telecare Willow Rock, a mental health facility where we provide care to some of our community’s most vulnerable members. Our work has become especially challenging during this pandemic, in large part because of our employer. Telecare management calls us heroes, but they treat us like second-class citizens by refusing to take our safety concerns seriously and putting us and our patients in harm’s way.

Today we joined together with community members in a socially-distanced protest to demand that management provide safe working conditions and the staffing we need to properly care for our patients during this crisis.

Will you take a few seconds to show that you have our backs? Click here to tweet a message to our employer showing that you stand with caregivers and patients at Telecare!

“As nurses and mental health professionals, we’re tired of hearing how essential we are — and then seeing unsafe staff-to-patient ratios and slow or no responses to our safety concerns.”

Walker Morgan, LVN, Telecare Willow Rock


RESOURCE ALERT: Resilience in the Face of Stress

We are now in week 2 of our Resilience Toolkit rollout —  if you haven’t yet taken advantage of this new resource to help increase your capacity to meet and recover from stress during this difficult time, make sure you visit our Resilience Toolkit page. Once you complete a module, you’ll receive a special email invitation to join our live Q&A session with Resilience Toolkit creator Nkem Ndefo.

THE REOPENING: This Saves Lives

As the COVID-19 curve flattens in some regions, many of our hospitals are resuming non-urgent procedures. We’ve taken a leadership role on safety throughout this crisis — let’s keep it up. Click here for our new checklist of safety questions that need credible answers at any facility that starts to reopen. Let’s all use it to ensure that we protects ourselves, our patients, and our communities as we enter this new phase of the pandemic.

Check out our resources page for the benefits available to us as SEIU-UHW members — including childcare, workers’ compensation, temporary lodging, financial support, testing, priority grocery shopping access, and more.