COVID-19 Update: May 8, 2020

COVID-19 Update: May 8, 2020

NO WAY: Stanford Gets $102 MILLION in Federal Relief — Then Cuts Our Hours


Stanford Health Care has received over $102 million in federal relief funding — yet they still decided to cut worker hours in what amounts to a 24% pay cut. Stanford executives call us healthcare heroes, but their actions show that they have no respect for us, the workforce that puts our lives on the line everyday to lead our state through this pandemic.


Stanford caregivers and patients joined forces yesterday at a socially-distanced protest to call out Stanford’s hypocrisy and corporate greed. Check out this tv news coverage.

You may not have been out at the protest yesterday, but you can take action right now — tweet this message to show our fellow caregivers that we stand with them for healthcare justice at Stanford.


WORKERS’ COMPENSATION: Big Win for Essential Workers

For months we’ve heard hospital employers question the obvious: that hospital workers who became COVID-19 positive likely got it at work where we were exposed to COVID-19 positive patients and coworkers, sometimes without proper PPE. This has led many of us to believe that if we get sick we’ll have to argue with our employers over where we contracted the virus.

That all changed this week when Governor Newsom signed an Executive Order that greatly strengthens access to workers’ compensation for essential workers who contract COVID-19. This order places the burden of proof on the employer to establish that a worker contracted COVID-19 outside of the workplace — rather than placing the burden of proof on us.

STRESSED? Get the Tools You Need to Survive and Thrive

Don’t miss out on our Resilience Toolkit to help increase your capacity to meet and recover from stress during this difficult time. With a combination of video modules and live sessions, the Resilience Toolkit will give you the skills to help you face stress and grow your inner resilience. Your last chance to experience the 25-min kickoff session is TOMORROW, Saturday, May 9 at 5:30pm on Facebook Live.


LET’S REOPEN RIGHT: Safety Checklist

The COVID-19 curve is starting to flatten and some of our hospitals are resuming non-urgent procedures. Here’s a checklist of questions that need adequate answers as this new phase begins — let’s all use it to ensure that we reopen safely and effectively.

Check out this page for more resources and benefits available to us as SEIU-UHW members — including childcare, temporary housing, financial support, testing, priority grocery shopping access, and more.