COVID-19 Update: May 7, 2020

COVID-19 Update: May 7, 2020

ACTION ALERT: Our First-Ever Socially-Distanced Pickets

On Tuesday We Called Out Prime

Social distancing will not stop us from taking action for healthcare justice. Prime Healthcare is trying to cut our sick leave and gut our disability benefits — during a pandemic! — so on Tuesday our fellow SEIU-UHW members across Prime held our union’s first-ever socially-distanced pickets at Garden Grove, Encino, and Centinela Hospitals. AND our SEIU-UHW Healthcare Justice team led a 21-car caravan of patient supporters to back us up.

Check out this tv coverage of our protest. Then take a few seconds to tweet this message supporting caregivers, our families, and our patients.

Today We Call Out Stanford

On Thursday the action moves to Northern California as our brothers and sisters at Stanford Health Care hold a socially-distanced protest to call out another wealthy healthcare system who tells us we’re heroes while they cut our pay by 20% and furlough us.  Check out this article about how Stanford is making these cuts “while hospital CEOs keep their seven-figure salaries” — and how we’re fighting back against this inequity.

Take action now — tweet this message to call out Stanford Health Care’s corporate greed and show our fellow caregivers that we have their backs!


NEW RESOURCE: Safety Checklist for Reopening

As the COVID-19 curve starts to flatten, some of our hospitals are resuming non-urgent procedures. It makes sense to resume care to our patients as long as we have the PPE and other protections to do so safely. Here’s a checklist of questions that need adequate answers to ensure that we reopen safely and effectively. Let’s all use this tool at our facilities — we can’t let our supervisors put us and our patients at risk by cutting corners and sidestepping proper protocols in their rush to get back to normal.


HOUSING ALERT: Airbnb Lodging Available to Us

Many of us are facing serious housing problems right now, especially if we’re trying to self-isolate between shifts to protect our loved ones or if we don’t live near our worksites. We’ve partnered with Airbnb to provide healthcare workers low-cost and no-cost temporary lodging close to our facilities. Click here to learn more and apply.


YOUR WELLNESS: Facing Stress & Building Resilience

This pandemic is making our lives more stressful than ever as we’re run ragged at work and then worry about exposing our loved ones when we get home. That’s why all SEIU-UHW members now have access to The Resilience Toolkit to help us meet and recover from stress during this difficult time.

The first module of this toolkit was just released yesterday, and there are live sessions through May 12 — click here to experience and learn more about this great wellness resource.