COVID-19 Update: September 29, 2021

COVID-19 Update: September 29, 2021

Hospitals Passing the Buck
After opposing pandemic retention bonuses, the hospital industry wants the state to suspend inspections and bail it out as it scrambles for workers.

In a recent California Hospital Association letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Mark Ghaly, MD, the hospital trade group argued for the state to share the cost of hiring hospital staff through staffing agencies, and the suspension of CDPH inspections.

SEIU-UHW President Dave Regan is pushing back:
“Unfortunately, the hospital industry prioritized their pandemic profits over addressing this shortage when the industry vigorously fought AB 650 (Muratsuchi), which would have recognized healthcare workers for their heroic service and provided incentives to keep people on the job serving patients,” stated Regan in a counter letter to Secretary Ghaly.

“There is a desperate workforce crisis in our hospitals. The answer is to recognize, support, and retain the caregivers who have been working through the pandemic, not to bail out hospital executives, prop up staffing agencies, and jeopardize patient safety by foregoing inspections.”

The Latest on Booster Shots
Pfizer booster shots are already being distributed to immunocompromised individuals, and may soon be available to people 65 and older, and frontline healthcare workers. As the FDA continues to go through the data they are likely to approve a Moderna booster shot within the week.

Vaccines for Kids as Young as 5 Expected Soon
Prizer announced their vaccine is safe and effective for children ages 5 -12. The FDA and CDC will be evaluating Pfizer’s data and making their recommendations — possibly as early as October.

Take Ten Minutes to Check In With Yourself
There’s a lot going on right now. Take a few minutes out of your day today to care for yourself by answering these questions:

  1. How are you feeling today, really?  Physically and mentally.
  2. What’s taking up most of your headspace right now?
  3. What was your last full meal, and have you been drinking enough water?
  4. How have you been sleeping?
  5. What have you been doing for exercise?
  6. What did you do today that made you feel good?
  7. What’s something you can do today that would be good for you?
  8. What’s something you’re looking forward to in the next few days?
  9. What’s something we can do together this week, even if we’re apart?
  10. What are you grateful for right now?

URGENT REMINDER: 9/30 is the deadline for all healthcare workers to verify vaccination status if you have not received an exemption. The California Department of Public Health has announced that partially vaccinated workers can keep working if they test weekly. Double check to make sure your employer knows your status.