2023 Executive Board Leadership Elections

Kaiser Ethics Officer

2023 Executive Board Leadership Elections

Kaiser Ethics Officer

Josephine Mazzeo, Officer, Kaiser, Ethics

Member Driven Slate

My name is Josephine Mazzeo and I have worked for Kaiser since 2008. I have been a chief steward, served as an Eboard member out of trusteeship and volunteered in many organizing events for SEIU-UHW. It has always been important that integrity be present in everything that is done by the people representing the hard working members of SEIU-UHW. Most importantly, holding themselves to the highest of standards even when no one is looking.

Trust, honesty, accountability, and integrity are the qualities that I am putting on the table with my bid for the Ethics Officer Chair for this Union. Bargaining the best contracts to secure our future. Representation when times are tough. The best retirement package and benefits for our families. I am a free thinker and unswayed by pressure. Willing to speak up when needed. I would be honored to have your support, while we make a change in the way things are done. Please vote Member Driven. Make a statement for what will no longer be tolerated. Let’s stand together for what is right.

La Trena Robinson, Officer, Kaiser, Ethics

Members United for Strength (MUST) Slate

I want to be the next Kaiser Division Ethics Officer. Over my tenure on the Executive Board, I’ve taken opportunities to demonstrate ethical behavior. I’m eager to be part of ensuring comprehensive training with members and leaders to continue building ethical practices.

I’m ready on day one to build relationships with ALL disciplines in our union and roll out trainings to our Executive Board members. I’ve taken trainings on managing ethical dilemmas and organizational behaviors. I’ll bring a critical thinking, innovative, emotionally intelligent, compassionate approach to the Ethics Officer position.

I’m asking you to support me and the rest of my teammates on the SEIU-UHW MUST (Members United for Strength) slate. As we move forward to protect our contract and members, I know that what happens in the community impacts our members in their day-to-day functioning. And what happens in our member’s work life can affect the balance of their home life – there is no such thing as compartmentalizing life and keeping the other parts unaffected. We have an ETHICAL duty to be mindful!

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