Who is SEIU-UHW?

In 1934, healthcare workers in San Francisco joined together, forming the first union of hospital workers in the nation. Today, we are SEIU-United Healthcare Workers West (SEIU-UHW). With a membership of nearly 100,000 healthcare workers and patients, we are one of the largest healthcare unions in the Western U.S.

We work at California’s largest private sector health systems including Kaiser Permanente, Dignity Health, Sutter Health, Tenet, Prime and Verity. Together we push for quality jobs, fair wages and affordable healthcare.

How much are dues?

SEIU-UHW dues—set by a membership vote—are 2% of regular monthly pay with no dues taken from overtime pay or shift differentials. Dues are also capped with a monthly maximum for higher paid workers. Most importantly, you will not pay any dues until you’ve negotiated and voted at your facility to approve a contract and dues cannot be raised without a membership vote.

Will we have to go on strike?

The decision to go on strike—or not—is entirely up to you and your co-workers. Strikes are always a last resort. More importantly, a decision to go on strike is one that only you and your co-workers can make for yourselves through a democratic vote.

Do we have a right to form a union?

Absolutely! By law, healthcare employees have the freedom to form a union and work together to improve patient care and the quality of our jobs. You can—and should—talk to your co-workers about forming a union anywhere and anytime you’re allowed to talk about non-work topics.