SEIU-UHW members have won contracts that set the standard in the California healthcare industry. That means guarantees year after year. We negotiate our contracts to guarantee our raises, benefits and job protections in writing so they cannot be changed without our input.

Higher Pay & Guaranteed Raises

  • Union wages average 27% higher than non-union workers for the same job classification.
  • We negotiate union contracts with guaranteed wage increases, wage scales and differentials.

Free Family Health Insurance

  • Most SEIU-UHW members have health insurance coverage for our families and ourselves with no monthly employee premium.


  • Many SEIU-UHW members have won defined-benefit pension plans, which are fully funded by the employer, not employees.
  • Our pensions provide caregivers with a guaranteed monthly income for retirement security.

Job Security

  • Protection against unfair discipline.
  • Right to union representation in all disciplinary meetings.
  • Right to file objections to contract violations and unfair discipline with neutral third-party arbitrator deciding the case.

Improved Staffing & Safer Working Conditions

  • Contracts guarantee committees where caregivers and managers work together to solve staffing, scheduling and workload issues.

A Voice at Work

  • Management cannot change working conditions without first negotiating with us.