By law, healthcare employees CAN:

  • Talk about forming a union while at work just as you would other topics such as your children or favorite movies;
  • Read or distribute materials about forming a union during breaks, meal periods, and before and after work in non-work areas (i.e. break room); and
  • Sign union cards or ask co-workers to sign union cards during breaks, meal periods, and before and after work.

By law, your workplace’s administration CANNOT:

  • Prohibit employees from talking about the union if you are allowed to talk about other non-work topics;
  • Ask employees whether they support forming a union;
  • Engage in surveillance of union supporters or activities;
  • Harass or intimidate employees for supporting a union;
  • Ask employees to remove union items such as buttons and pens (unless the clinic has an existing rule that prohibits items in patient care areas, and that rule is enforced); or
  • Implement new restrictions designed to interfere with forming a union, such as preventing employees from coming in on their day off.

Source: National Labor Relations Act, 29 USC § 151-169.