COVID-19 Update: October 28, 2021

COVID-19 Update: October 28, 2021


How much did your employer profit during the pandemic? Our employers keep telling us they can’t afford to fix the understaffing issues at our hospitals. But Kaiser has earned at least $11 billion in profit since this pandemic began. HCA just posted a $2.3 billion profit in a single 3-month period! When are they going to use some of those dollars to invest in workers?!

Booster updates: The CDC has now officially approved booster shots for both Moderna and Johnson & Johnson, but there’s no need to wait. They’ve also given the green light to mixing and matching boosters, so you can get whichever one is most convenient for you. All boosters are available at Kaiser facilities across California.

How we beat the surge in California: Our state’s low COVID case rate continues to get national attention. Experts point to a combination of strict vaccine mandates, strong mask policies, and a high number of immunized COVID survivors as the keys to our success.

The vaccinated are less likely to die. Not just from COVID. From anything. Partially this is due to the vaccine’s protection, but it’s also partially because very sick people are less likely to get vaccinated. Still, it goes to show how safe vaccines really are.